God?s Plan

In our Bible Reading today, Paul spoke to King Agrippa. Paul told the king about when Jesus appeared to him as he was traveling to Damascus. In verse 19b, Paul said, ?King Agrippa, after I had this vision from heaven, I obeyed it.?
If you are a Christian, you probably remember a time when God showed you part of His plan for your life. Maybe it was at your baptism. Or maybe it was at the funeral of someone you loved. Or maybe it was while you were on your knees praying. At that time, God seemed very near, and His plan seemed very clear.
But often we forget about God?s plan for our lives. We get busy or we become trapped by some sin. At those times, we need to remember God?s plan. Paul clearly remembered what God wanted him to do. And, he obeyed it.
Think today about God?s plan for your life. Trust Him to lead you in the right way.