God’s Plan*

Deaf Missions officially began in December of 1970. Duane King, the founder and director of Deaf Missions, often says, “Deaf Missions was in the mind of God long before the creation of the world!” God had a special plan and a special time for Deaf Missions to begin and touch the lives of deaf people. We are now part of that special plan. We are now in that special time.
How long will Deaf Missions continue? We aren’t sure. But we do know that God wants deaf people to be saved. We are working so that deaf people may know Jesus. We will work until Jesus comes again or until God tells us to stop.
Paul did not know how long his ministry would last. But he knew that as long as he lived, he would work for God. Paul’s goal was to finish the work that God wanted him to do.
God has a plan for you and me, too. We do not need to know where we will serve God in the future. We do not need to know how long our ministry will last. Our job is to do God’s work!