God’s Power

Many people like to wear a watch so they can know what time it is. Some watches are very expensive. These watches are made by very skilled watchmakers and contain many small parts.

Suppose that I took all the parts from an expensive watch and threw them up in the air. When the parts hit the ground, would they all come together as a watch again? No! Putting a watch together requires someone who is very skilled at making watches.

It is the same with our world. Some people want us to believe that the world just happened. But that is not true. All the wonderful things in creation show us that they didn’t happen by accident. Our beautiful world is here because God put it all together and made it for us.

When I look up into the sky on a beautiful day, I can see that God created the world. The writer of Psalm 19:1 talked about that. “The heavens tell about the glory of God. The skies announce what his hands have made.”

As you look around at the world today, notice the colorful flowers, the variety of birds and animals and the different types of people that God made. Then praise Him and give Him glory!