God’s Presence

Sometimes I try to limit the way I view God. When I am in pain, I see God only as a healer. When I am alone, I may view God only as a friend.
God is certainly a healer and also my friend. But He is so much more to me. God is not just Someone who gives me things or helps me. He wants me to have a relationship with Him. God wants me to just be with Him and enjoy His presence.
Our Bible Reading today shows us how we should feel in God’s presence. Verses 2 and 3 say, “I am calm. My soul is quiet. My soul is quiet like a satisfied baby in his mother’s arms.” We need to spend time praying and thinking about God. Then we will feel calm and satisfied.
Take time today to be in God’s presence. Be humble before Him. Think about how great God is and about what He has done for you.