God’s Promise

Psalm 94 talks about bad things that were happening in the world — criminals breaking the law, proud people taking advantage of widows and children, and murders. Those words were written a long time ago, but they describe our world today, too.
Many people today look at the bad things that are happening, and they are afraid. But Christians should not be afraid. Why? Because Christians know that God is in control and that someday He will punish evil people. Verse 14 reminds us of God’s promise. “The Lord will not leave his people. He will not leave them without help.”
God has a plan for our lives. That plan includes allowing difficult times to happen to us. But God doesn’t want to hurt us. He will be with us and bring us peace even when we are facing trouble.
As you read about all the bad things that are happening in the world, don’t become upset. Remember that God is in control. He will give us strength, power and peace.