God’s Promise to You

Some people are afraid that they can’t live the way God wants them to. So these people will not accept Jesus as their Savior and let Him control their lives. They let their fear stop them from serving God.

God understands that we all make mistakes. When we become a Christian, God doesn’t expect us to obey Him without help. He knows that we can’t do it alone. We need to trust God to help us live for Him. Paul talked about this in 2 Timothy 1:12. “And I suffer now because of that work. But I am not ashamed, because I know the one I have put my trust in. And I am sure that he is able to protect what I have put into his care until that day.”

When we accept believe in Jesus and obey Him, God forgives our sins and helps us do what He wants. God gives us His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us and helps us follow God. Our old life of sin is gone, and we begin to live God’s way. God’s Spirit will protect us from future temptations and strengthen us. God has promised to do all that for you!

God always keeps His promises. And He will keep His promise to you. Believe in Jesus and obey Him. Then trust God to lead you in your new life with Him.