God’s Promise

Mary was living in Galilee, and she was engaged to a man named Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter. (Matthew 13:55).
One day an angel appeared to Mary. The angel told Mary that she would have a baby son. This baby would be God’s Son, and He would be called Jesus. This was the fulfillment of God’s promise in Isaiah 7:14b. “Look at the young woman. She is pregnant, and she will give birth to a son. She will name him Immanuel.”
Every time I read these verses from Matthew, I wonder what it must have been like for Mary. She was pregnant and not married. She knew that people would shun her and not believe her. Mary could have felt scared and lonely. But she still praised God (Luke 1:47).
I need to learn from Mary’s example. She trusted God’s plan for her life. And even though she faced difficult circumstances, she praised and thanked God. No matter what you face today, you can praise God and thank Him for His plan for your life. —