God’s Promises

I like to travel. It is fun to go to new places. One time our friends gave my husband and me free airplane tickets to England so we could visit our daughter. Our friends made the airline reservations for us. They told us that all the arrangements had been made for our trip.
We trusted our friends to take care of our trip plans. In the same way, I know I can always trust God. He keeps all his promises. He has promised us salvation and eternal life. Paul talked about that in our Bible verses today. He said to the Colossian Christians, “Your faith and love continue because you know what is waiting for you in heaven — the hope you have had since you first heard the true message” (verse 5).
Our friends promised us that we would fly to England and see my daughter and her family. That was wonderful! But even more wonderful will be the time when I can join God in heaven. Praise God because He keeps His promises!