God’s Promises

I taught math for 35 years. Because I had a job, I didn’t have much free time. But four years ago, my life changed. I retired! Now I have plenty of free time.
One of the many things that I now enjoy doing in my free time is gardening. Gardening is a perfect example of one of the promises God made to Noah and his family. In verse 22 of today’s Bible Reading, God said, “As long as the earth continues, there will always be a time for planting and a time for harvest. There will always be cold and hot, summer and winter, day and night on earth.” God promised Noah and his family that there would always be seasons in their lives. This promise is for us today, too.
Sometimes we make promises and we break them. But God never breaks His promises. The best promise from God is that Jesus will come again and take us to live forever with Him. Because God always keeps His promises, we can know for sure that Jesus will return.
Praise God that we can always depend on His promises!