God’s Promises (3)

Sometimes I like to show children how God blesses them. I pour vinegar into a glass. Then I tell them that the vinegar represents a person. When that person becomes a Christian, God blesses them. Then I put some baking soda into the vinegar. Do you know what happens then? The soda and vinegar mix, bubble up and overflow the glass.
Our Bible Reading today has another promise from God. God promises that if we give to other people, He will bless us. If you give to others, God will bless you so much that “it will spill into your lap” (verse 38b). God may bless you with extra money, good health, more possessions or more opportunities to serve Him.
But don’t forget the rest of verse 38, “The way you give to others is the way God will give to you.” This is part of God’s promise, too. If you give a lot to other people, God will give a lot to you. But if you are not willing to give to other people, God will not give His blessings to you.
Thank God today for loving you and for keeping His promises.