God’s Promises (6)

John wrote the book of 1 John to encourage Christians. In our Bible Reading, John continues to talk about the good things that God gives to Christians. John encourages the people to keep believing what they were taught — that Jesus is truly the Son of God. Why? So they could stay close to God.
In verse 25, John tells us what Jesus promised to Christians. “And this is what the Son promised us — eternal life.” This verse gives us hope to continue following Jesus. We will receive eternal life with God. Can you imagine how wonderful that will be?
This promise is probably God’s greatest promise. That’s why God sent Jesus to the world. That’s why God planned a way to forgive our sins. That’s why God wants us to be strong Christians. He wants us to live with Him forever and ever!
Spend some time today thinking about living forever with God. Thank Him for His promise of eternal life.