God’s Promises

Maybe today is a bad day for you. Or maybe the past month has been bad for you. Maybe you wonder, “Why does God let me have so many problems?”
It is not easy to answer that question. We all face times of trouble. God never promised us that we would have an easy life. But God has given us two promises to help us. First, God promised us that He would take care of us when we face problems. Verse 7a says, “And God’s peace will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” God gives us peace even when we are confused and upset.
Second, God promised us that we will be able to accept our troubles. If we pray to Him, He will show us how we can live with our problems. Verse 6a says, “Don’t worry about anything. But pray and ask God for everything you need.”
We can depend on God’s promises. Why? Because God always keeps His promises. We can trust God to always take care of us – even when we have a bad day.