God’s Promises

I live near the Mississippi River. We have had a lot of flooding recently. People have lost their homes and possessions. I have seen the power of the river and have a new respect for what water can do.
This flood made me think about our Bible verses today. God told Noah to build a big boat. Why? Because it was going to rain. People must have laughed at Noah. They had never experienced rain on the earth before. They probably had no respect for Noah or the boat.
Finally the rains came, and the waters rose higher and higher. But Noah, his family and the animals God had chosen to be in the boat were safe from the flood. When the flood was over, God made a promise to Noah. “That agreement says that a flood will never again destroy all life on the earth” (verse 15b). God’s promise is still true today. When we see a rainbow in the sky, we can remember what God promised.
Think about God’s promises today. And remember that He always keeps His promises. We can depend on His words.