God’s Protection (1)

One day my daughter, Michelle, left home to return to college. As she drove away, I prayed God would protect her as she traveled. As Michelle was driving, she came upon an accident. She pulled off the road and went to talk to the people in another car.
Suddenly, a car came speeding by and rear-ended Michelle’s car. This forced her car up in the air. When the car came down, it hit Michelle. If she had been inside her car, she would have been killed. But Michelle was only injured. I was so thankful she was alive! God answered my prayer and protected my daughter.
In our Bible Reading today, King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat fought the king of Aram. Ahab dressed like a soldier, but Jehoshaphat wore his royal robe. The king of Aram told his soldiers to only fight with Ahab. The soldiers saw Jehoshaphat and thought he was Ahab. They started to attack, but God protected Jehoshaphat.
God protected my daughter, too. Praise God because He protects us!