God’s Protection

Jesus taught us one more important thing when He prayed. He taught us that we should ask God to protect us from evil.
We ask God to protect us in two ways. First, we ask Him to protect us from temptation. This means that we ask God to help us not sin. Second, we ask God to protect us from the devil. When we do this, we are asking God to protect us from the evil things the devil and his followers do to us.
We do not need to rely on our own power to overcome temptation and evil. We can rely on God?s power! And remember that God is more powerful than anything else in the universe.
When you pray, think about the temptations and problems in your life. Tell God about those things, and ask Him to help you. Ask God to give you strength to overcome your problems. Ask Him for wisdom to run away from temptations to sin.
God has all the power and glory forever. He has promised to protect us and help us. But we need to trust Him. When you are tempted or afraid, pray! God will help you.