God’s Protection

I sat and watched the geese floating on the lake. There were several pairs of geese together. A couple of the pairs had goslings (babies) with them.
The geese stayed in the water and then went up on the shore to rest. I noticed that the geese that had goslings became very alert. The parents watched for any danger that might harm their babies. When the mother goose and her babies returned to the water, the male stood on shore and watched his family.
God protects us, just like the geese protected their babies. Verses 11b and 12 of our Bible Reading say, “God, protect and give strength to the people who love your name. Lord, when you do good things to good people, you are like a large shield protecting them.”
God watches what we do and is ready to protect us all the time. That makes me feel safe and secure. You can know today that God loves you and that He is protecting you from bad things that might happen.