God’s Protection

There is a small child living in my home. So when I recently got some medicine, I asked for a “child-protection” cap on the bottle. It was true that no child could get the cap off. In fact, I could not get it off either. Finally I had to smash the bottle to open it!
In our Bible Reading today, David was ready to fight the giant, Goliath. King Saul wanted David to have the right kind of protection. So he gave David his armor. But David could not wear the armor. It was too big and heavy.
The only protection that David really needed was God. The Bible tells us that God was with him, and He helped David kill the giant.
We will probably not face any giants today. But we might face some problems or temptations. God is the only protection that we need. We need to depend on Him to give us strength and wisdom. Then we will be able to face our problems.
Make sure that you have God’s protection today.