God’s Purpose

Recently I started studying and practicing so I can interpret our church service for deaf people. I have been learning sign language for many years, but now I am going to use what I have been learning.
I become afraid even when I think about interpreting. Whenever I try to interpret, it seems that my fear causes “brain freeze.” I just cannot remember signs that I have known for years. Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit and let God find someone else to interpret!
But God keeps reminding me that He is working in my life and that He has a special purpose for me. God also reminds me that if I want to overcome my fear, I need to read His Word every day and practice depending on His strength.
King David wrote the verses from our Bible Reading today. David knew that God had a special purpose for him and that He would be with him. I need to be like David and trust God to use me as His servant.