God’s Rules

When I was growing up, I didn’t get many spankings. But my brother had lots of spankings. Why? Because I obeyed my father, and my brother didn’t obey.
My father gave us rules. Some of his rules were: Don’t run across the street! Don’t hit your sister! Don’t play with matches! He didn’t give us these rules to control us. My father gave us rules because he loved us and because he didn’t want us to be hurt.
God gives us rules, too. When we don’t obey His rules, we sin. Why does God give us rules? Because He knows that sin will hurt us. God wants to protect us spiritually and physically. His rules are another way that He shows His love for us.
Verse 25b of our Bible Reading says, “You must listen to God’s teaching and not forget what you heard. Then you must obey what God’s teaching says.” The rest of that verse tells us what will happen when we obey God. “When you do this, it will make you truly happy.”