God’s Servant

Every year our church needs people to be Sunday School teachers, greeters, song leaders and nursery workers. Sometimes we do not have enough people. Then we have to find new people to help. Often we have to beg people to serve. This is a sad situation. All Christians should be happy to serve God.
Our Bible Reading today is about the prophet, Isaiah. Isaiah saw God sitting on a throne. He was surrounded by angels. These angels were praising God. Isaiah was afraid. Why? He realized that he was a sinful person. Isaiah knew that he was not worthy to be with God. But God removed Isaiah’s sins.
Then God asked Isaiah a question. In verse 8, God said, “Who can I send? Who will go for us?” Isaiah answered, “Here I am. Send me!” Isaiah was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do. Isaiah knew that God would help him and give him strength.
Think about your life. Can you be God’s servant like Isaiah? Is there some way that you can serve God in your church or your community? Take time this week to look for ways to be a servant to your family and your friends. Allow God to help you serve Him.