God’s Teachings

I admire people who are going through troubles but still have a strong faith in God. How are these people able to stand firm and not give up? I believe we can find the answer to that question in our Bible Reading today.
People who have a strong faith in God “love the Lord’s teachings and think about them day and night” (verse 2b). This means that they enjoy obeying God’s commands, and they are always thinking about ways to follow Him more closely.
Our Bible verses tell us that God will bless the people who have a strong faith in Him. The writer of Psalm 1 compares these people to a strong tree. A strong tree will produce good fruit. In the same way, God will bless a person with strong faith, and everything they do will be successful (verse 3).
Do you love to study the Bible? Do you think about it all the time? Read God’s Word today and help your faith to grow.