God’s Teachings

When I was a child, people would sometimes tease me. I hated that! Because of those experiences, I try to be careful what I say to other people. But as I grew up, I noticed that I had a problem controlling what I said. Often I would try to help people by telling them what they were doing wrong. But I realized that I was not trying to help them ? I was just criticizing those people!
If you are a hearing person, you can criticize and hurt people with your words. If you are a deaf person, you can criticize and hurt people with your signs. Both words and signs begin with your thoughts. Our Bible Reading today gives us help in controlling our words and signs. Verse 11 says, “I study your teachings very carefully. Why? So I will not sin against you.” If we study God’s teachings (the Bible) we can learn how to say/sign good things to people. We can remember Bible verses that will help us. Then when we talk/sign, we will not criticize and hurt people.
Think about your words and signs today. Read God’s teachings and put them into your mind.