God’s Temple

The Israelites worshiped God at the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was a large beautiful building that was built by King Solomon.
The writer of this psalm begins by saying, “Lord All-Powerful, the place where you live is so beautiful! Lord, I cannot wait to enter your Temple. I am so excited! Every part of me cries out to be with the living God” (verses 1-2). In verse 10a, the writer says, “One day in your Temple is better than a thousand days anywhere else.” Wow — being in the temple must have been a wonderful experience!
We do not need to worship God in a special place today. We can worship God anywhere. But someday we will live with God in a place that is far more beautiful than the temple. The book of Revelation tells us how wonderful that place will be.
I continue to face problems every day. But these problems don’t seem so bad when I remember that someday I will live forever with God. Think about God and His blessings today.