God’s Time

Jesus died and returned to heaven. Jesus promised that He would come back again someday. But a few years after Jesus left the earth, some people started saying that Jesus wasn’t coming back. They made fun of the Christians because they believed that Jesus would return soon.
Peter said in our Bible Reading that these people did not want to believe God created the world. They did not want to remember that God sent a flood to destroy the evil on earth. Then Peter reminds us that God always keeps His promises.
Peter told the Christians not to pay attention to these evil people. They were not looking at time the same way as God does. Verse 8b says, “To the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day.” Time doesn’t matter to God. What may seem like a long time to us is only a very short time for God.
Today there are still people who make fun of Christians. They ask, “Where is Jesus?” These people need to remember that God has His own schedule. Jesus will return in God’s perfect time.