God?s Time

Lisa?s job required her to drive many miles. So she needed a good car. But Lisa?s car was getting old.
Then Lisa?s friend decided to buy a new car and sell her old one. Lisa said she would buy her friend?s car. Lisa patiently waited several months, but her friend was not ready to sell the car. Lisa thought about selling her old car, too. But she decided to wait.
Finally her friend took the car to a garage for some repairs. The mechanic discovered that the whole engine was damaged. Lisa did not want her friend?s car any more. Lisa was so thankful that she had not sold her own car. If she had sold it, she would have been without any transportation.
Sometimes we do not understand about God?s time. But our Bible Reading reminds us that God knows best. He plans things in our lives just at the right time.
Maybe you don?t understand why something is happening in your life. Don?t worry. Depend on God. He knows what is best for you.