God’s Time

Our Bible Reading today is a psalm (song) written by King David. Many times while David was king, enemy nations attacked Israel. Maybe that is what David is talking about in verse 2. But we do know that David was facing some bad times. He wondered how long he would have to put up with the bad things that were happening. David wondered if God had forgotten him.
Sometimes I need to remember that God’s time is not the same as my time. I ask Him for help with some problem I am facing. Then I become impatient if I don’t receive an answer right away. I begin to wonder if God will ever answer my prayer. Then I remember that God knows what is best for me. I need to trust Him to take care of my problem in His time.
Are you like David today? Are you wondering if God pays attention to your prayers? Don’t stop praying. Keep talking to God. And be patient and wait for God’s time.