God’s Treasure

My father loved nature. When I was a child, we would walk through the woods. My father could look at a stick and tell me what kind of tree it came from.
When I was in Boy Scouts, I made a vase for my father. It was made out of clay, and I pushed little sticks into the clay. It was probably the ugliest vase ever made. But my father treasured that vase and showed it to everyone.
Maybe there is something that you don’t like about yourself — your big nose, the way you laugh or the color of your hair. But our Bible Reading explains that we are God’s wonderful creation. God made us the way we are so that we can serve Him.
You are God’s treasure. He made you, and He loved you even before you were born. The writer of this psalm said, “You know all about me. You watched my bones grow while my body took shape” (verse 15a).
God wants you to show His love and grace to other people today.