God’s Treasure

My sons and I went to the beach. My sons picked up shells. They didn?t care what the shells looked like. Each shell was a treasure to them.
When we returned home, my sons took the shells and looked at them. Some were very smooth on the outside. Some shells were still full of sand. And, some shells were broken. These broken shells were rough on the outside. But when we turned these shells over, they were beautiful on the inside.
I got some shoe boxes and my sons cut the boxes. Then they glued some of the shells inside the boxes. My sons didn?t just choose unbroken shells. They chose the broken shells to be in their boxes, too. Each shell was important to them.
All of us face problems in our lives. Some of these problems may be physical handicaps, addictions or relationship problems. But no matter what is wrong with us, we are still important to God. We are His treasure.
Remember today that you are special to God.