God’s Victory (1)

We live in a frightening world. There are threats of terrorism and war every day. Terrible things are happening all over the world. People are becoming more and more selfish. Most people are not interested in learning about Jesus. Many people are afraid of the bad things they see happening today.
But Christians should not be afraid! Why? Because God is with us. God does not promise to protect us from all the things that might hurt us. But He does promise us that people will hurt us because we believe in Jesus! And God gives us another promise: if we stay faithful to Him, no matter what happens to us while we are in the world, our eternal reward will be more wonderful than we can imagine!
God tells us in the Bible that He will overcome all the evil people and spirits who are His enemies. And God will also help us overcome them in the end, too. If we suffer pain here on earth, it will only be temporary. But God will give us special blessings because we believe in Jesus. These blessings will last forever.