God’s Victory (2)

If we trust Jesus, God will give us victory every day. God will give us victory in two ways: He will help us overcome temptations, and He will help us through our sufferings. God makes us better through the Holy Spirit. In these ways, we already have victory in our lives.
But the Bible also tells us that God will someday judge all evil. This will happen one time and it will be the last judgment. God will destroy everything that is evil. He will make a new heaven and earth where everything is good. This will be better than we can even imagine. We will live with God and Jesus forever!
Our Bible verses today give us hope to help us live through the terrible things that are happening in the world today. We know that someday all these bad things will end. Then we will be with God forever and enjoy our reward of eternal life.
If you are Jesus’ follower, you have the hope of a wonderful life that will last forever. Praise God for His gift of salvation through Jesus.