God’s Way

Recently my sister bought an Apple iPhone. This phone has a Global Positioning System (GPS) in it. Now she can use that system to help her find her way to new places.
I am wondering, “Do Christians need a GPS to help them know what to do in life?” I think that the Bible is our GPS. We can read the Bible and see what we should do to follow God.
Our Bible Reading today gives us a few guidelines for following God’s way and getting along with other Christians. These verses tell us to show mercy and be kind, humble, gentle and patient (verse 12). We should forgive (verse 13) and love each other (verse 14). Christians should let Jesus’ peace control them and Jesus’ teachings live inside them (verses 15-16). Finally, we should do everything for Jesus and give thanks to God (verse 17).
God’s way is always the best way to follow. Let God help you develop these characteristics in your life.