God’s Way

To back out of my garage correctly, I need to slowly back straight out of the garage. Then when the car is out of the garage, I need to back the car at an angle. This way is different, but my husband taught me to do this so I do not drive on our grass.
Sometimes it is hard to do things differently. The world tells us to get as much money as possible and keep it for ourselves. But God’s way is different. He says we should “give to others” (Luke 6:38a). When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back. But God’s way says, “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44).
In our Bible Reading today, Samuel thought that he would choose a new king by the way he looked. But God said, “People judge by what is on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart” (verse 7b).
We will face problems in life. But we need to remember that we won’t always understand God’s way for our life. Depend on Him today. God always knows what is best for you!