God’s Way*

My Bible college professor, Bill Miller, said, “It is all right to worship God in your own way, if you are worshiping God in His own way.” Are you worshiping God in His own way? Today’s Bible Reading tells about how the Jews worshiped God when they dedicated the temple (place of worship) in Jerusalem.
Today there are many different styles of worship. Most churches have a sermon preached by a minister. Some churches use modern music, while some churches sing old hymns or have no music at all. Many deaf churches sign hymns together. Others prefer not to use music of any kind. Some of our Deaf Missions staff members have visited deaf ministries in Africa. There some of the deaf churches have a special time of “dancing in the Lord.”
Are all these ways of worshiping God good? I think it depends on the hearts of the people who are worshiping. If the style of worship helps people to love and respect God, it is good. We should remember to make sure that we always worship God in His own way.