God’s Will

Many people struggle with knowing God’s will for their lives. In our Bible verses today, Paul is writing to Christians in the city of Thessalonica. Paul clearly lists three things that are God’s will for all Christians.
First, God wants us to always “be full of joy” (verse 16). This is not joy that comes from having good things happen to us all the time. This joy comes from knowing that Jesus is our Savior. Second, Paul says that God wants us to never stop praying (verse 17). We should always be ready to talk to God.
Finally, God wants us to be thankful (verse 18). This means being willing to thank God for both the good things and the bad things that happen in our lives.
What is God’s will for your life? He wants you to be joyful, never stop praying and be thankful. If you do these things, your life will be filled with God’s joy and peace!