God’s Word

Our Bible Reading today tells us that the devil tempted Jesus for 40 days. These verses tell us about three times that the devil tried to get Jesus to sin.
Each time the devil tempted Jesus, He said, “No!” But Jesus also did something else — He repeated Bible verses to the devil. Jesus used God’s Word to help Him defeat the devil.
The devil tempts us every day, trying to get us to disobey God. When he does this, the best way to defeat him is to remember a Bible verse. That will help us obey God and not give in to the temptation. For example, if the devil is trying to get us to steal something, we can remember Exodus 20:15, “You must not steal anything.” If the devil is tempting us to lie, we can remember Ephesians 4:25a, “You must always speak the truth to each other.”
You will face temptations today. Remember to depend on God’s Word to help you resist the devil. God’s Word will never fail!