God’s Word

We live in a world that is full of information. The other day my daughter needed to light her gas water heater. What did she do? She searched the Internet and found detailed instructions on how to safely light a water heater.
My friend wanted to know how to build a desk for his office. What did he do? He ordered a book that taught him exactly how to build the desk that he wanted.
Lighting a water heater and building a desk are important things to know. But it is more important for us to know how to obey God and how to grow as a Christian. What do we need to teach us how to serve God? We need His Word, the Bible!
Our Bible verses today tell us that God’s Word will make us wise, lead us to salvation and teach us the right way to live. That’s all we need! Study the Bible today. Depend on God’s message to help you stay close to Him.