God’s Word

Have you ever found something valuable? Probably you were very happy. Our Bible Reading today tells us that King Josiah found something very valuable. He found God’s Book of Law.
When Josiah found God’s Word, he tore his robes. This meant that he was very sad. Josiah knew the Israelites had not been obeying God’s commands. He knew God was not happy with the people. Josiah felt sad that his people were not following God.
Verses 27-28a of 2 Chronicles 34 tell us what God said to Josiah. “Josiah, you repented and you humbled yourself, and tore your clothes. You cried before me. So, because your heart was tender, I will take you to be with your ancestors. You will go to your grave in peace.”
We should be like Josiah. We should think that the Bible is a very valuable possession. Maybe you can start the new year of 2007 by reading the Bible every day. God will bless you when you study His Word.