God?s Word

As I write this devotion, it is raining outside. Many people do not like the rain. Rain makes them feel depressed and grumpy.
But I like the rain ? especially a rain in the spring! After the rain, flowers pop up out of the ground. Blades of green grass suddenly appear. The rain makes me feel new and clean.
Our Bible Reading today tells us how God sends rain to water the ground. Then we can have food to eat. Another place in the Bible, Psalm 1:1-3 tells us that God?s Word, the Bible, waters us spiritually. If we read God?s Word and study it, we will be like a strong tree that has plenty of water.
Do you want to be spiritually strong? Take time today to read the Bible. Learn what God wants you to do. Build a strong relationship with Jesus. Then you will be like a strong tree that is planted by the water.