God’s Word

My ladies group was planning to go out to lunch and to an art gallery. I asked the woman in charge if a certain friend was going with us. The woman said, “No, I don’t think your friend likes me. She has said some bad things about me.”
I remembered a time when someone had said bad things about me. I didn’t know why they said those things. I read the verses from our Bible Reading today. Those verses encouraged me to go to my friend and talk about what she had said. After that, we had a better relationship.
I wanted to share those verses with the woman in charge of our ladies group, but I couldn’t remember where to find the verses. The next day during my morning devotions, I read Matthew 18:15-17. Those were the verses I was looking for! I was so happy. God showed me those verses so I could share them and encourage someone.
God wants us to read His Word and use it to help us in our relationship with other people. You can always depend on the Bible to give you good advice.