God’s Word

These verses in Psalm 119 tell us about God’s Word. Studying God’s Word carefully helps us avoid sin.
It is important that we study the Bible and memorize it. Several of my grandchildren have been involved in a Bible program where they memorize entire books of the Bible. When they have God’s Word in their minds, it is easier for them to obey it.
These verses also tell us more things about God’s Word. A young person can live a pure life by obeying the Bible (verse 9). We should enjoy studying and learning God’s rules (verses 14 and 16). And, we should think about God’s Word and not forget it (verses 15-16).
There are many ways we can learn God’s Word. We can study it alone, or we can learn from Bible-based sermons and lessons. These will help us apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.
Get into God’s Word today!