God’s Word

When I was younger, I was involved in a kids’ program at our church. Each week we sang songs and memorized a few Bible verses. Sometimes I learned a verse that really got my attention.
One of those verses was James 2:10: “And you might follow all of God’s law. But if you fail to obey only one command, then you are guilty of breaking all the commands in that law.” This verse didn’t make sense to me. I thought about this verse for a long time. But, I still did not understand what it meant.
Later I heard a speaker give a wonderful illustration of this verse. Imagine that all of God’s commands are written on a large piece of glass. Then imagine that a man gives you a hammer and asks you to break only one command. Could you break just one? Probably not. When you hit the glass, you would probably break all the commands. When I read this explanation, I finally understood my memory verse.
I am glad that someone helped me understand God’s Word. I hope that you have a pastor or a friend who will help you learn about the Bible. Thank God today for His message to you.