God’s Words

When someone warns us that a cooking pan is hot, we should pay attention to their words. Why? Because we don’t want to be burned.
The writer of Psalm 119 gives us some very good advice. We should pay attention to his words so that we can avoid some bad things in our lives. In verse 97, the writer says that he talks about God’s teachings all the time. If we talk about God’s teachings, it will be easier for us to obey Him.
Then in verse 98, the writer says, “Your law is with me always.” Most people today keep their cell phones with them all the time. Why? Because it is important to them to answer their calls. In the same way, God’s rules should be important to us. And we should always keep them in our mind and heart.
Pay attention to God’s words in the Bible today. His words will help you stay closer to Him.