God’s Words

When I was little, I loved to visit my grandmother. But there was one thing I hated in her house — a large, ugly vacuum. When Gram turned on the vacuum, it made a loud noise. I thought the vacuum was alive and was going to eat me! I cried every time I saw it.
Gram also had steps that led upstairs. She wanted me to stay downstairs and not get into trouble. So Gram had a great idea! She set the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs. I wouldn’t go near that vacuum, so it kept me from getting into trouble.
God’s words in the Bible keep me from getting into trouble, too. They warn me to stay away from sin. Verse 8b says, “The Lord’s commands are good. They show people the right way to live.”
When I obey God’s words, I stay away from sin. God’s words help me do things that please Him. I hope you will pay attention to God’s words today!