My husband and I have a yellow Labrador retriever named Goldie. She was a stray, so no one at the animal shelter knew anything about her.
Goldie is a wonderful dog, but we think that she was abused by her previous owner. Abused dogs often become scared of humans. However, Goldie wants nothing more in life than to put her head in your lap and have you pet her. She has even fallen asleep standing up while we were petting her!
When it’s time for Goldie to eat, she will not eat or drink unless my husband or I stand near her bowl. If we walk away, she will stop eating or drinking and follow us. Being with us is more important to Goldie than eating or drinking.
In our Bible verses today, Paul talks about Jesus’ wonderful love for us. As Christians, we should want to be close to Jesus — just like Goldie wants to be close to us. Make Jesus the first priority in your life!