Once I had a job at a thrift store. God blessed me with a wonderful supervisor. This woman was very kind. She spent nine months training me to be the best manager I could be.
Then suddenly, my supervisor took another job. I received an e-mail from her that said, “I’m gone.” I felt so sad and alone! But then I realized that God had helped this woman train me for nine months. I could continue my job and be a good manager. Also, this training helped me open my own thrift store several years later.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus gathered his eleven special followers for one last time. He spoke to them, and then He went back to heaven. I think maybe the disciples felt sad and lonely like I did. My supervisor never returned. But Jesus promised His disciples that He would return someday.
We should be encouraged by Jesus’ promise. We can look forward to the day He will come and take us to live forever with Him.