Good Appetite

Mothers watch their children carefully. Why? Because they want their children to grow up strong and healthy. If a child is not sleeping well or does not want to eat, something may be wrong.
A good appetite is a sign of a healthy body. Food is the fuel that makes our bodies stay alive. During the day we need to stop and refill our bodies. We feel hungry, and we enjoy eating food and drinking beverages.
God’s children live on His Word, the Bible. The Bible feeds us spiritually and helps us to grow as Christians. If we don’t eat food, our bodies become weak. In the same way, if we stop reading the Bible, we become spiritually weak.
Our verses today show us how the early Christians kept spiritually strong. Verse 42b tells us that they “used their time to learn the teaching of the apostles.” Today we can read the apostles’ teaching in the Bible.
Do you want to be a strong Christian? Be sure that you “feed” on God’s Word today.