Good Choices

Sometimes it is hard to make good choices. It is also hard to see a friend make bad choices. We care about our friends, and we want them to make good choices and be happy. Also, we want God to be happy with our friends.
There are many ways we can help our friends make good choices. We can pray for them. We can pray with them. We can help our friends learn what the Bible says about good choices. And, we can encourage our friends to talk with a pastor or other person who can guide them.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul prayed a prayer for the Christians in the city of Colossae. He prayed that these Christians would have wisdom and understanding to make good choices.
If you want to help your friends make good choices, you should be a good example for them. You can do that by always choosing to do right things. Ask God to help you have wisdom so you can make good choices and help your friends make good choices, too.