Good Decisions

In 1 Kings, chapter 12, we learn about King Solomon’s son, Rehoboam. After Solomon died, Rehoboam became the king. The people of Israel asked Rehoboam, “Give us easier work than your father gave us” (verse 8b). Rehoboam told the people that he would give them an answer in three days.
Rehoboam talked with older men who had advised King Solomon. These men told Rehoboam to be kind to the people. Then Rehoboam talked with his young friends. His friends told him to say this to the people, “My father forced you to work hard. But I will make you work much harder!” (verse 11a).
Rehoboam listened to his friends’ bad advice. The people of Israel were upset. So ten of Israel’s twelve tribes followed Rehoboam’s brother, Jeroboam. Only two tribes followed Rehoboam. Because Rehoboam refused to obey good advice, Israel became a divided country.
We must make decisions every day. We can always make good decisions if we will pay attention to the Bible.