Good Friends

Janet and I are first cousins. We are also good friends. Our mothers were sisters, and Janet and I were born two months apart.
When Janet and I meet for lunch, we spend hours talking. We share about our family members. We also laugh together as we remember experiences from our childhood. Janet and I pray for each other, too. Janet knows that I pray for her, and I know that she prays for me.
In our Bible Reading today we read a song that David wrote about King Saul and his son, Jonathan. Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle.
In this song, David remembered that he and Jonathan had a close relationship. They were like brothers. I think that David enjoyed remembering the good times that he had with Jonathan. And I think that David thanked God for his good friend, Jonathan.
I hope that you have a good friend who will talk with you and pray for you. Take time to thank God for your friend today.