Good Friends

I have many good friends. Most of these friends follow and obey God. I thank God that He has helped me choose the right friends. I enjoy studying the Bible and talking with my friends.
In our Bible Reading today, a man was paralyzed (could not walk). This man had four friends. These friends believed that Jesus could heal the paralyzed man. The men took their friend to the house where Jesus was teaching. There were so many people that they could not reach Jesus. So the four men cut a hole in the roof and lowered the man through the hole to Jesus.
Verse 5a says, “Jesus saw that these men had much faith.” Jesus forgave the man’s sins and healed him. “The paralyzed man stood up. He took his mat and walked out of the room” (verse 12a). This was a miracle! This happened because the man’s friends brought him to Jesus.
I hope you have many Christian friends. Thank God for giving you friends who will help you follow Jesus every day.